Our vision is to be the leading multichannel specialist. Famous for style, value, quality and ease of shopping.

Our purpose is to help everyone create a home they love.

Our customer promises

In order to extend our focus on customer service to all parts of the business and to be clear on how we will deliver our purpose to our customers, we have three customer promises that are central to our offer:

  1. Great choice and value: fantastic quality own-label product at a price that can’t be beaten;
  2. Easy and inspiring to shop: an experience that gives our customers ideas, and provides help when they want it, both in store and online;
  3. Convenient to buy and return: accessible to all, whether delivered to your home or picked up in store. Products that are easy to buy and simple to return.

Some of these promises have been core to our offer for a long time, but some have been added more recently and are areas we are developing. We believe that if we do all of these well, we will be different and better than anyone else in the eyes of the customer and fulfil our purpose to help everyone create a home they love.

Our Customer 1st growth plan

As market leader, with only 8.7% share, we see significant opportunity for growth within the UK homewares market. One of our key business principles is sell more. It is in our DNA and it’s how we think about the business.

Last year we focused on reaching more customers with our brand through the introduction of an integrated marketing campaign. We will continue this focus and aim to attract two million new customers.

On average, our customers shop with us between three and four times per year. By better understanding their needs, we will increase the frequency of their visits.

Our average basket is less than four items. With a wide range of different product categories, we see the opportunity to increase the number of items in the basket.

The combination of the above measures will drive profitable and sustainable growth in the business. We have made progress on reaching more customers in FY19, and are excited about improving all three metrics going forward.

Our Purpose

Helping everyone create a home they love

Our customer promises

Great choice 
and value

Easy and inspiring
to shop

Convenient to buy
and return

Our sell more plan


million new


more shop
with us a year


more product
per basket

Our Foundations

Committed colleagues

Customer insight and data

Agile and scalable digital platform

Low cost store portfolio

A lean and efficient supply chain

Committed supplier partners

Our Key Business Principles

Sell more

Be committed

Do things our own way

Keep it simple