We share the Government’s view that good governance helps companies to take better decisions, for their own long term benefit and that of the UK economy overall. Our approach, which has not changed since the flotation of the Company in 2006, is summarised below:

  • We believe that good governance leads to stronger value creation and lower risks for shareholders
  • It is the Board’s responsibility to instil and maintain a culture of openness, integrity and transparency throughout the business, through our policies, communications and by the way in which we act
  • We support corporate governance guidelines and apply them in a way that is meaningful to our business and consistent with our culture and values
  • If we decide that the interests of the Company and its shareholders can be better served by doing things in a different way, we will explain the reasons why

For more information please see the copies of the presentations that we made to our major institutional investors and shareholder representatives, available in the Reports and Presentations section of our website.

Board role and composition


  • Set the strategy to secure the continued growth of the Group over the long term in the interests of our shareholders, taking account of our responsibilities to colleagues, customers, the communities in which we operate and the interests of our other stakeholders
  • Ensure that resources are in place to deliver the strategy


  • Instil and maintain a culture of openness, integrity and transparency
  • Ensure that financial and other controls and processes for risk management are in place and working effectively
  • Set an effective
    remuneration policy
  • Maintain good relationships with shareholders and all of our stakeholders


  • Review progress towards strategic and operational goals and the performance of management
  • Ensure that Board balance and committee membership are appropriate and effective, and fully compliant with the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code