Our Policies

  • Our approach to recycling and waste more generally is to adopt the following prioritisation: Reduce, Reuse, Rework, Recycle
  • To minimise general non-recyclable waste across the business and reduce use of landfill and other adverse environmental impacts
  • To be fully compliant with all relevant waste legislation

All stores have cardboard balers and colour-coded bins to segregate waste for recycling. Training programmes and communication to increase colleague awareness and compliance are undertaken frequently.

Our distribution centres in Stoke recover and process our product packaging from our DC and store operations (cardboard and polypropylene) for recycling.

We have dry mixed recycling collections from our sites for paper, plastic bottles and cans which is then sorted and recycled offsite. We also recycle wooden pallets and metal fixtures. All electrical waste is recycled through a WEEE compliant scheme.

Food waste from our cafes and any remaining waste that is not sorted for recycling within the business is sent offsite for further sorting, and wherever possible we aim to generate energy from waste.

‘Less than perfect stock’ is offered to our customers who are looking for a bargain. We also work with over 100 charity partners nationwide to donate quilts and pillows that cannot be sold to customers.

Measuring our Impact

Last year Dunelm recycled 76% (2018: 75%) of waste. Total Company landfill diversion increased again to 96% (2018: 95%) and we continue to achieve 100% landfill diversion from our distribution centres in Stoke.

What’s next for 2019/20

  • Continue to improve recycling performance aiming towards 100% landfill diversion over the medium term
  • Improve compliance in stores and in our Stoke distribution centres by continuing our in-store training and communications campaigns.

2018/19 achievements

  • Landfill diversion rate has increased to 96%
  • Conducted waste audits throughout the store network, providing valuable education and awareness to colleagues and store managers