Our Proposition

Products that are great value, with choice, style, quality & sustainability

Services that help from inspiration to delivery, fitting & take-back

Experiences that are seamless, physical & digital, helpful & friendly

Our plan is to become our customers’ 1st choice for home, by giving them a wide range of products, services and positive experiences no matter where, how or when they shop with us. Our key metric in this area is net promoter score (NPS) – a Group KPI and executive bonus metric.


Safe to shop

During the year – in and out of lockdown – we continued to make it as safe as possible for our customers to come back into stores, use our contactless Click & Collect and ‘to car’ services and be reassured of home delivery protocols. We continued to implement Covid-safe protocols in our Pausa cafes, including socially distanced seating, the installation of screens, and enhanced food handling and cleaning regimes. More information about our overall approach is covered under health and safety. Product safety standards are set out in our Quality manual which is shared with our suppliers.

Customer data protection and cyber security

All Dunelm colleagues are trained via an online module in data protection compliance and cyber security on induction and then complete an annual refresher. This year, we have engaged a specialist legal firm to provide tailored small group training sessions to our leadership team and to relevant functional teams, including our digital marketing, analytics, data engineering, supply chain, people and contact centre teams. These have been well received and have increased awareness and the profile of this topic across the business. Additionally, cyber security awareness updates are sent every month to colleagues with Company email addresses. A review of cyber and data security is also a standing agenda item for our Audit and Risk Committee. In the event of any significant data breach, we would comply with our obligations to notify impacted individuals in a timely manner. In FY21 we had no breaches which we were required to notify to the K Information Commissioner’s Office or to any individuals. Our Privacy Policy makes it clear to customers why and how we use their data, how we protect it and what their rights are regarding control of their data, including how they can ‘opt out’. Third parties engaged to handle our customer data are also assessed for good practices and care of customer data. We last updated our Privacy Policy in April 2021 and it is clearly dated and available from More information about we manage risks relating to IT systems, data and cyber security can be found in the risk management section of our Annual Report 2021.

Pausa cafes: food safety, labelling and provenance

Our policy is to provide safe, quality food and drinks, in a safe environment. Our Food Safety Manual sets out food safety and hygiene requirements, and our brand standards policy sets out provenance and quality standards. For example, our tuna is only caught by pole and line, or using Purse Seine netting – methods which reduce the risk of catching unintended species or damaging the sea bed. We have no GMO nor irradiated products, and we have committed to using free range eggs in all products and removing all hydrogenated fats by March 2022 (we need to address just a handful of products in our product range of over 100 products). All coffee and tea ranges are Rainforest Alliance certified and we have introduced five plant-based lines in our current range. We are also working to ensure all food and drink categories have either a ‘plant based’ or gluten-free line option.

Food safety involves safe practice from start to finish in the food chain. As well as our policies referred to above, we have a cross-functional food safety group run by the Head of Pausa and attended by members of operations, legal, and health and safety teams, and an expert third-party food technologist. This group oversees safety, compliance and the implementation of new legislation. In FY21 there were no reportable food safety incidents or public recalls. In recent years we have improved on-pack allergen information for customers and through our new allergen web-based software which is displayed on our in-store Pausa tablets. This also includes nutritional information as required by legislation coming into force later in 2021.

Drinking and eating sustainably

Compostable cups

In our Pausa cafes, all take-away hot beverages are served in durable cups made from plant-based materials. We are reviewing all Pausa packaging to see where else we can improve, for example, by ditching loose wrappers on individual products.

Water refills

145 of our 152 in-store Pausa cafes are linked to the Refill app so that our customers know they can refill their own water containers with free tap water, eliminating single-use plastics. The Refill campaign is run by the organisation City to Sea, which aims to reverse the trend for disposable items, and reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Certified tea and coffee

Our coffee and tea are certified by Rainforest Alliance, which benefits farmers, forest communities, and indigenous people around the world.

We have our own, bespoke coffee blends and our coffee bags are lined with sugar cane, making them recyclable.