We want to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, our colleagues and all our visitors

We have a Group Health and Safety Manager who ensures that the appropriate policies and procedures are in place, and regularly reports to the Group Board and the Executive Board.

Executive responsibility:

Company Secretary

Link to our Customer 1st strategy:

Committed colleagues

Link to business principles:

Be committed Keep it simple

Link to principal risks:

Regulatory, environment and compliance, people and culture

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Policies

The Board is responsible for the creation and implementation of our health and safety policy and procedures, which include an effective system of ‘upward’ and ‘downward’ communication, appropriate standards for monitoring performance and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to support this activity. A copy of our full policy is available here.

Health and safety is a standard agenda item at every Board and Executive Board meeting, supported by a monthly report and a formal annual presentation from the Group’s Health and Safety Manager covering accident/risk analysis, review of previous objectives and agreement of new objectives for the next year.

In our stores, each store manager is responsible for ensuring the implementation of health and safety policy and procedures in his or her store, supported by the area manager and the Group health and safety Manager. At our Stoke distribution centres we have a dedicated Health and Safety Manager. Risk assessments are in place at all Company sites and updated as required.

We have an in-house health and safety audit, which monitors compliance to policy and procedures and is reviewed annually to ensure that it meets best practice industry standards and to address any specific risks identified. Our stores and distribution centres complete an online self-audit monthly, and area managers audit each of their stores at least once a year. This is backed up by our in-house operational Health and Safety team who report to the Group Health and Safety Manager. Regular review meetings are held between the Group’s Health and Safety Manager and senior management from operational functions.

We have a proactive approach to safety, and colleagues are encouraged to report all potential hazards and risks. We have an ongoing programme of education and training, including DVDs and interactive computer-based learning, and we ensure colleague involvement through the National Voice.

Measuring our impact

  • Number of reportable accidents under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDORs) remains in line with last year’s performance

What’s next for 2019/20

  • Continue the focus on controls around the sale of knives and on colleague safety in store
  • Roll out simplified process for completing safety check documentation on an iPad, to save time and make tracking easier
  • Continue focus on Pausa safety
  • Continue programme to remove fork lift trucks from stores
  • Deliver a half-day health and safety training course for new managers and store premises keyholders to all stores

Our targets

  • Reduce RIDDOR reportable accidents year-on-year

2018/19 achievements

  • Installed new security locks on single knife products in store, refreshed our ‘Think 25’ training material and introduced third party store testing programme
  • Took steps to improve colleague safety in store, through training, safety leaflet and provision of personal alarms
  • Implemented a campaign to improve safety in our Pausa cafes, including improving how we provide allergy information to customers
  • Continued to reduce the risk to colleagues of using fork lift trucks in store by removing a total of 58 trucks and investing in delivery trucks with tail lifts
  • Reduced vehicle accident rates in our home delivery fleet by 39%
  • Updated colleague drivers policies and implemented a new third party licence checking service to monitor/check driver and car MOT/insurance details
  • Strengthened governance through creation of functional steering groups to drive health and safety actions