Our purpose is to help everyone create a home they love.

We welcome all customers, whatever their age, taste or budget, and offer them the widest range of products for their homes, whenever and however they want to shop.

Executive responsibility:

Customer and Digital Director

Link to our Customer 1st strategy:

  • Our customer promises

Link to business principles:

Sell more Be committed

Link to principal risks:

Competition, market and customers

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Policies

We will always look out for ways to make homes (and shopping for them) better for our customers. We want every customer to create a home they love. To do this we offer:

  • Well designed, brilliant quality, own label products at the best possible prices
  • The widest possible range of products, offering choice, newness, seasonality and desirable brands
  • Easy access to our products, however customers choose to shop (in store, home delivery, delivery to store, assisted selling in store)
  • Stores which customers want to visit – inspiring, conveniently located, safe and accessible
  • Website that is inspiring and easy to navigate, with convenient delivery and collection options
  • Friendly and knowledgeable colleagues, in store, in our contact centre and delivering our products
  • Products which meet our customers’ expectations for safety and ethical and sustainable sourcing
  • Marketing which is always fair and truthful, and responsible use of our customers’ personal data
  • Communication campaigns to remind customers we are here to help with inspiring imagery and helpful content

Measuring our impact

  • Active customer base grew by 8.5%* in the year

* Unique active customers who have shopped in the last 12 months, based on management estimates using Barclays data.

What’s next for 2019/20

  • We will continue to develop our store formats to make them more attractive and inspiring for our customers
  • We will continue to drive brand awareness and impact, reaching more people and focusing on always delivering our brand ‘purpose’
  • We will grow our social media following to inspire even more customers with our great range and style
  • We will continue to improve our product range, design and value
  • We will provide more convenient delivery options for customers who order from us online
  • Delivery of our new digital platform will enable us to continually develop and improve customer experience

Our targets

  • Grow active customer base by 2 million between FY19 and FY23

2018/19 achievements

  • We reached more customers and raised awareness of our offering through ongoing communications and sponsorship such as ITV’s “This Morning”
  • We invested in customer hosts, store colleagues who are focused on helping every customer find just what they need
  • We equipped our store colleagues with chip and pin enabled tablets, making our entire online portfolio accessible for ordering in-store for home delivery
  • We increased our online exclusive product range to offer customers even more choice
  • We offered our biggest ever Christmas range of homewares and gifting
  • We improved product availability for customers