We believe that a great place to work is a great place to shop. We can only deliver great products and services to our customers through the hard work and commitment of our colleagues.

We employ over 9,000 colleagues across our business; in stores, our distribution and manufacturing operations, our contact centre in Radcliffe, and our support centres in Leicester and London.

Executive responsibility:

People Director

Link to business goals:

2 4 5

Link to principal risks:

People and culture

Our Policies

Deliver the basics – provide fair employment to all colleagues, regardless of disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status or age.

At the end of June 2018, the breakdown of male and female colleagues was as follows:

. Male Female %
Group Board 6 3 33%
Executive Board 5 4 44%
Dunelm Leadership Team (including Executive Board members) 24 12 33%
All other colleagues 3,015 6,319 68%

Laura Carr joins as Chief Financial Officer during FY19, and from that date the percentage of female members of our Group Board and Executive Board will change to 37% and 63% respectively.

At Dunelm, we are committed to paying men and women equally for roles of the same size and scale. Whilst the Gender pay calculation doesn’t measure this, as it reflects the average paid to men and women across the business, we see it as important in raising awareness to the important topic of gender equality. Our mean gender pay gap currently stands at 19.2%. You can find out more details regarding what action we are taking here.

Invest in our home-grown talent – “develop our people” is one of our business principles – providing training and development opportunities helps us retain talent in the business. We held career days for the first time this year across the entire business, showing colleagues the various career paths open to them within Dunelm.

Living our business principles – all new colleagues receive our “Little Book of House Rules” explaining our principles, which are used in recruitment and appraisals, and embedded into our colleague communications.

Some of the ways we bring our business principles to life include:

  • “Housewarming” induction for new starters, to introduce them to us, our products and our way of doing things
  • Communication through regular “huddles” (informal team briefings);a weekly topical email; our quarterly Gazette, In touch, and Yammer intranet communications and an annual strategy communication event
  • Regular colleague council meetings attended by senior management, enabling colleagues to raise and discuss issues; the outcome is fed back to the Executive Board
  • Our “always on” colleague feedback mechanism allows us to act on issues quickly. A number of key concerns affecting colleagues have been identified and addressed this year copies of our policies are available on our Group Policies.

Measuring our impact

  • Colleague NPS: 30%

What’s next for 2018/19

  • Galvanise the business behind our purpose – to “help everyone create a home they love”, and our supporting business goals
  • Launch a new Careers website to create great candidate experience
  • Launch a project called “everyone’s welcome” to promote diversity, regardless of disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status or age, background or circumstances
  • Create ‘Super Fans’ in our colleague population who can act as business ambassadors, including online and on social media
  • Invite members of our National Colleague Council to a discussion with the Group Board

2017/18 achievements

  • Continued to work at aligning our employment proposition consistently across all of our sites and businesses
  • Held a Company-wide engagement survey (in addition to the “always on” survey), using this to better inform the way we communicate and engage colleagues throughout their career. We saw engagement increase by over 30% between July 2017 and May 2018
  • Launched a voluntary benefits portal called ‘Home Comforts’ that all colleagues can access. This portal is used for communication as well as benefits. We have a 90% take up rate across the business
  • Reviewed all of our policies and processes to improve how we safeguard the personal data of our colleagues
  • Appointed Marion Sears as our “Designated Non-Executive Director” for employee engagement – Marion will attend two National Colleague Council meetings each year and feed back to the Group Board