Dunelm targets

Progress 2019/20 


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs: 3, 12

Grow active customer base by 2 million between FY19 and FY23

On track: 1.3% increase


UN SDGs: 3, 12

Exceed previous year’s charitable funds raised by at least 10%

Achieved: following discretionary Group contribution*


UN SDGs: 3, 5, 8, 10

Improve colleague engagement score by end of FY20

Achieved: +9%pts YoY increase

Health and Safety

UN SDGs: 3

Reduce RIDDOR reportable accidents year-on-year

Achieved: reduced by two

Bribery, fraud and tax evasion

UN SDG: 12

100% of internal training completed

Not achieved: increased to 94%* but target not achieved




Dunelm targets

Progress 2019/20 

Sustainable supply chains and products

UN SDGs: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

All own brand cotton products to be from responsibly sourced cotton by 2025

On track

All Dunelm and Pausa own brand products that contain palm oil to be 100% sustainably sourced by the end of FY20

Not achieved: improved to 90% but target not achieved*

100% of all timber to be from legally harvested sources by FY20, and 50% of all timber used in Dunelm own brand products to be responsibly sourced by FY25

On track*

30% of all plastic packaging of own brand products to be from recycled content by 2022

On track

100% of Tier 1 factory base for own brand products with audit no more than two years old by FY20

Not achieved: improved to 99%* but target not achieved

90% low or medium risk audits by FY21

On track

* Performance impacted by Covid-19.




Dunelm targets

Progress 2019/20 

Energy use, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste management

UN SDGs: 12, 13

Reduce LFL electricity consumption by 5% in FY20

Achieved: 12.8% decrease*

Reduce car fleet emissions by 2% p.a. to FY25

On track

Increase MPG by 2% p.a. for vehicles in our Dunelm home delivery fleet

Achieved: 2.6% improvement

Achieve 100% diversions from landfill for all operational waste with 80% to be recycled by FY21

On track

Addressing global sustainability challenges

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’), created by the United Nations in 2015, are designed to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. Companies worldwide have a role to play in achieving these objectives. In the tables above and opposite we highlight how our sustainability work aligns with these recognised goals.