We are committed to making it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices – reducing their own environmental footprint and saving money in the process.

For example, we indicate clearly which products can be washed at low temperatures or do not need to be ironed, and we have introduced product ranges made from recycled materials. For the kitchen, we sell fully biodegradable beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wraps, food storage containers made from 100% recycled plastic (with a lifetime warranty) and glassware made from recycled and reclaimed glass. Bedding and throws made from a mix of recycled plastic bottles and upcycled cottons and high-quality polyester curtains spun from reclaimed plastic bottles are also available.

We also offer water-saving and waste-segregation products and advice in our stores and on our website. During the Covid-19 crisis, our customers recycled, repaired, reused and upcycled more, and became increasingly aware of environmental impacts. We were already in the process of incorporating these trends into our product development and are accelerating launches of products that help customers live more sustainably.

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