We are committed to making positive changes which will reduce the impact of our products on the environment.

Sustainability forms a key part of our product sourcing strategy and development pipeline.

Executive responsibility:

Product Director

Link to our Customer 1st strategy:

  • Great choice and value

Link to business principles:

Sell more Do things our own way Keep it simple

Link to principal risks:

Brand damage; regulatory and compliance; climate change

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Our policies

Sustainable sourcing: All suppliers sign our Code of Conduct, which requires them to minimise waste and dispose of it in accordance with legal requirements, reduce packaging to optimise usage/best fit and improve the recycled content of their products and packaging; and to commit to a strategy of carbon reduction.

Suppliers of our own brand products are also required to comply with the following policies:

Preferred textile fibre policy: Covering the welfare and environmental standards that apply to textile farming and production, particularly cotton – we are targeting all of the cotton in our own brand products to be sustainably sourced by 2025.

Timber policy: The timber used in all products and marketing materials must be legally sourced, and we are targeting 50% of our products to be sustainably sourced by 2025.

Animal welfare policy: Based on the Farm Animal Welfare Committee’s Five Freedoms, with materials-specific requirements, for example covering fur, animal hair, leather, sheepskin and wool.

Palm oil: All Dunelm and Pausa own brand products which contain palm oil to be 100% sustainably sourced by the end of FY20.

View our policies here

Measuring our impact

  • Updated our policies and set targets 

What’s next for 2019/20

  • Develop an annual environmental assessment for all sites manufacturing own brand product
  • Release our Sustainable Packaging Manual to all own brand suppliers
  • Start implementing our packaging action plan – to focus on our highest use product categories
  • Review alternatives to sale of plastic water bottles in Pausa cafes
  • Increase the percentage of sustainably sourced cotton in our product ranges
  • Begin roll-out of On Pack Recycling Labelling (OPRL) to communicate best disposal/recycling route of all packaging types to help customers
  • Review feasibility of providing ‘take back’ schemes for some of our products, providing a ‘closed loop’

Our targets

  • 30% of all plastic packaging of own brand products to be from recycled content by 2022
  • All own brand cotton products to be from sustainably sourced cotton by 2025
  • All Dunelm and Pausa own brand products which contain Palm oil to be 100% sustainably sourced by the end of FY20
  • 100% of all timber to be from legally harvested sources by FY20, and 50% of all timber used in Dunelm own brand products to be sourced from certified sources by FY25

2018/19 achievements

  • Engaged a sustainable packaging consultant to help us formulate a strategy to reduce the primary and secondary packaging used throughout our supply chain, with a particular emphasis on single-use plastic
  • Removed small single-use customer plastic bags from store and provided recyclable alternatives made from 100% recycled content
  • Appointed Track Record Global, a supply chain traceability specialist to work with our own brand furniture suppliers to verify that all timber is legally sourced
  • Removed straws and plastic disposable cutlery and introduced de-compostable take-away food and drink containers at all Pausa cafes
  • Distributed reusable cups to colleagues, saving thousands of paper cups each week
  • All tea and coffee sold in our Pausa cafes is from a certified Rainforest Alliance source