Principal Duties

The principal duties of the Committee are to:

  • Determine and keep under review the Remuneration Policy to apply to the Executive Directors and the broad framework of the policy that applies to other senior Executives
  • Within the terms of the agreed policy, and in consultation with the Chairman and (except in relation to his own remuneration) the Chief Executive, agree the remuneration for the Chairman and the other Executive Directors, and having oversight of the remuneration of members of the Executive Board, including the annual pay review, and setting targets under the annual bonus and LTIP award
  • Approve awards to be made under the Company’s share plans
  • Appoint and setting the terms of reference for any Remuneration consultants, and receiving their reports and advice
  • Engage with shareholders and colleagues in respect of executive remuneration
  • Ensure that all relevant reporting requirements in respect of executive remuneration are complied with.

No member of the Committee ever participates in a discussion concerning his or her own remuneration

The full terms of reference of the Committee can be found here: 

Principal activities

  • Amended Remuneration Policy adopted by shareholders
  • Approval of remuneration packages for Nick Wilkinson and Laura Carr, and termination payment for John Browett
  • Adopted wider malus and clawback provisions
  • Approval of FY18 remuneration for the Executive Directors, to include the annual salary increase, targets applicable to the FY18 annual bonus, and the award to be made under the LTIP

Committee Membership

The following Directors served on the Remuneration Committee during the year:

Member Period from: To:
William Reeve (Chair from 22 November 2017) 1 July 2015 To date
Liz Doherty 1 May 2013 To date
Andy Harrison 1 September 2014 To date
Peter Ruis 10 September 2015 To date
Rachel Osborne 1 April 2018 28 August 2018
Simon Emeny (Chair until his retirement on 21 November 2017) 25 June 2007 21 November 2017

The Company Secretary acts as secretary to the Committee.

Committee Meetings

Member Meetings attended:
William Reeve 6/6
Liz Doherty* 5/6
Andy Harrison 6/6
Peter Ruis 6/6
Rachel Osborne 2/2
Simon Emeny 2/2

* Liz Doherty received the papers and fed back comments to the Committee Chair in advance of the meeting

No Director ever participates when his or her own remuneration is discussed.