Dunelm launches Christmas advertising campaign

The Home of Christmas

Every family and every Christmas is different, and we love them all. Whether you're having a quiet one or hosting dinner for the whole family, we'll will help you create a home you love this Christmas.

For our Christmas TV advert, real family the Skeates welcomed us into their home to share how they celebrate this special time of year with lots of wonderful traditions and a little help from Dunelm.

This festive instalment is the third advert in a series following on from our Autumn campaign, which featured the Meknis' candy-striped Hertfordshire home, and Ed & Emma's eclectic pad in Sheffield.

Christmas with the Skeates

The Skeates are a real family who shop in our Croydon store, made up of Mum Pam, Dad Simon, daughters Lauren and Georgie, grandma GG and 9 month old puppy Sidney.

We knew the Skeates family would be perfect for our Christmas advert because they absolutely love this time of year and go all out to make their home look and feel extra special!

They also have lots of well-established family traditions that they roll out each year, from buying a new keepsake bauble each year, to Christmas Eve baking and GG’s stunning dining table styling.