Our response to the Ukraine crisis

The response from the UK retail community to support the crisis in Ukraine has been incredibly powerful and we are proud of the contribution that Dunelm stores have made in supporting our customers and colleagues in making essential and valuable donations of warm bedding. Colleagues across our store support centres, warehouses and supply chains have rallied together and worked tirelessly over the past week to engage with charities actively involved in the crisis to understand what support and donations are needed by those in the affected region and supporting the distribution of these vitally needed items. We are collating centrally over 200 pallets of practical items to be sent to Poland to help those who have had to leave their homes to escape the devastating impact of the war.

As refugees from Ukraine begin to arrive in the United Kingdom, inevitably with little or no personal possessions, we will redirect our efforts to ensure we can play a role in helping them to establish new homes for their families. We want to thank all Dunelm colleagues and customers who have already done so much in getting these donation schemes off the ground in such a short timeframe - we will be there to support your ongoing contributions to a cause which has meaning for us all.

Finally, we have also made a financial donation to help those affected gain access to food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter. You can find more information about how to donate here:

The thoughts of everyone at Dunelm are with the people of Ukraine.