Our Commitment

We are committed to making our colleagues feel welcome, engaged, safe and fairly rewarded wherever they work in our business and this commitment is underpinned by our people strategy (learning–thriving–belonging).


We launched our ‘Know-Grow-Flow’ campaign in 2022, starting with ‘Know’ to help untap hidden or unknown talent and aspirations in the business and to promote internal moves. In 2023, we focused on the ‘Grow’ element, creating a range of leadership programmes to upskill colleagues across the business and at different stages of their career development. We support the ‘Flow’ of talent within the business to address skill gaps, engage colleagues and improve our succession planning.


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Pay and Benefits

Our colleagues expect us to pay and incentivise them fairly. We apply pay principles based on giving reward that is ‘fair, relevant and personalised’ throughout the organisation from Board down, aiming for base pay to be competitive and set around median.

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Gender Pay Gap

We published our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report in April 2023. The existence of our gender pay gap, which is a different measure to equal pay, reflects the fact that c.70% of our colleagues are women, of whom c. 90% are in hourly-paid, predominantly store roles – a UK retail industry trend.

Whilst the gender balance of our Executive Team is 60:40 (60% women) we continue to focus on achieving diversity and gender balance across all levels of the organisation.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report can be accessed here


We continue to develop effective two-way colleague communication that is engaging and inclusive, with a culture of continuous feedback promoted by our leaders.

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Colleague Representation

All Dunelm colleagues are formally represented through our Local, Regional and National Colleague Voice network. This network has been operating in its current format since 2019 and we continue to evolve it to encourage colleagues to feel more confident in sharing views on behalf of their colleagues with senior leadership, including member of the Executive Team and Group Board.

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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

We want Dunelm to be an inclusive place for all. We aspire to achieve a colleague base reflective of society at all levels, providing opportunity for all, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

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Strategic Approach to D&I

We are starting to hone our D&I work and adopt a more strategic approach to make a greater impact in our business and for our colleagues. We are currently focusing on leadership opportunities for women and talent development for people from ethnic minorities. We also aim to capture better colleague data so we can measure and track the impact of our investments

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Dunelm Colleague Networks

There are four colleague networks at Dunelm: Disability & Neurodiversity; LGBTQ+; Ethnicity & Race; and Gender Equality. Each network is sponsored by an Executive Team member. Co-chairs are voted in by other members and each network’s vision, goals and other information, including invitations to sign up is available on our Home Comforts intranet.