Principal Duties

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board by keeping the composition of the Board under review and conducting a rigorous and transparent process against objective criteria and with due regard for the benefits of diversity of the Board, when new appointments to the Board are made.

While all Board appointment processes and succession discussions are led by the Nominations Committee, these are viewed as important whole-Board topics and no appointment has been or will be made to the Board without agreement of all Directors.

The Committee's full terms of reference are available here:

Summary of Principal Activities in the FY17 Financial Year

  • Search for new Non-Executive Director resulted in appointment of Rachel Osborne announced on 20 November
  • External Board review held
  • Formal review of Board skills and balance
  • Since the year end - appointment of Nick Wilkinson as Chief Executive

Full details of the Committee’s activities during the year are set out in the 2017 Annual Report.

Committee Membership

The following Directors served on the Committee during the year to 1 July 2017:

Member Period from: To:
Andy Harrison (Chair) 1 September 2014 To date
Marion Sears 18 January 2005 To date
Simon Emeny 25 June 2007 21 November 2017
Will Adderley 17 February 2011 To date
Liz Doherty 1 May 2013 To date
William Reeve 1 July 2015 To date

Committee Meetings in the Financial Year to 1 July 2017

One meeting was held in the year to 1 July 2017 and members’ attendance was as shown in the table below.

Member Meetings attended:
Andy Harrison (Chair) (Chair) 1
Will Adderley 1
Liz Doherty 1
Simon Emeny 1
Marion Sears 1

William Reeve

Peter Ruis 1

No Director attended that part of a meeting during which his or her own position was discussed.