The principal duties of the Nominations Committee are to:

  • Assist the Board by keeping the composition of the Board under Review
  • Conduct a rigorous and transparent process against objective criteria – with due regard for the benefits of the Board’s diversity – when new appointments to the Board are made
  • Oversee the succession plans for the Board and senior management; and
  • Ensure that there are processes in place to secure a diverse pipeline of potential candidates for succession to key management positions and to the Board.


The Directors who served on the Nominations Committee during FY21 and their attendance is set out below:

Member Period from: To: Meetings
Andy Harrison (Chair) 1 September 2014 To date 4/4
Sir Will Adderley 17 February 2011 To date 4/4
Ian Bull 10 July 2019 To date 4/4
William Reeve 1 July 2015 To date 4/4
Peter Ruis 10 September 2015 To date 4/4
Marion Sears 18 January 2005 To date 4/4
Arja Taaveniku1 15 February 2021 To date 1/1
Paula Vennells2 4 September 2019 25 April 2021 3/3

1. Arja Taaveniku was appointed to the Board during the financial year, and joined the Nominations Committee on appointment.

2. Paula Vennells stepped down from the Board on 25 April 2021.

The Company Secretary acts as secretary to the Committee. Additionally, the independent consultant referred to below under ‘Succession and Talent’ and the People and Stores Director attended two Board discussions on succession and talent management in the business. No Director attended that part of a meeting during which his or her own position was discussed.